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Aaron Boyette's debut solo album, Jude Park, is a veritable pleasure to the senses. His music transcends the traditional rock/pop/alt sound, exploring sonic terrain only available to the creatively ambitious. Contrasting ethereal passages and layers with raging and sometimes dissonant undertones, an unswerving energy transforms his roiling and churning songs into 3-minute anthems, all the while exploring the conflicts and battles we bear and wage against ourselves. The experimental side of Pink Floyd, The Who, George Harrison, Queen, David Bowie, or even early Moody Blues might have entertained such an endeavor, but Aaron has woven together his music to construct an idiosyncratic modern style, respectfully nodding to the art rock of the past. Jude Park is an introspective and meticulous, capricious yet mature work that showcases Aaron's ability and determination to challenge the status quo with his unique blend of power-pop sensibilities and fervent sense of harmony combined with unexpected tonal twists. This is an album coming from a deeper and richer place with an aura that rocks and lulls its way across a soundscape of brilliant innovation and unsullied emotion.


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